VR Designer | 3D Designer


4 weeks sprint Sep 2022 - Oct 2022

Project Type

Virtual Reality | 3D Design


Unreal Engines(3D Design, Hand Tracking),  Figma (Prototypes, Mockups), Paper+Pen(360 Paper Prototyping), Papar cutouts and play dough (Physical Prototype)


⁉️ Self-defense training and sexual assault awareness are essential to teaching women how to protect themselves and boost their self-esteem. However, not everyone has the time or resources to attend an in-person self-defense class, and there are a few self-defense VR applications targeted toward women. 


Empower Women Through VR
The Virtual Reality Self-Defense App allow women to access in-classroom experience from the comfort of their homes.
The VR App provides basic self-defense techniques I used some of the Krav Maga martial art moves.


In this project, I focused on ideating through sketching, designing a 3D experience and learning about interaction design in the virtual world.

UX Research

360 Sketching and 3D Prototypes

3D Designing and Digital Prototypes

Sketching and Storyboarding


I used rough sketching to think my ideas through. I explored how the user is going to navigate the app the different scenarios from onboarding to practicing the defense technique

360 Storyboarding

The 360 storyboarding helped me visualize the surrounding environment in the app and how the UI elements are going to be positioned on the screen

Physical Protorype

I used cardboard and play dough to build the 3D environment and virtual characters. This step helped me visualize the interaction between the user and the app and the transition between one scene to the next

Digital Prototype