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Role: XR Designer     Date: Oct 2022 - Present
Type: Augmented Reality | XR Design
Tools: Adobe Aero(Digital Prototype), Adobe Photoshop (Designing Aero Asset), Paper+Pen(Paper Prototyping), Paper cutouts and play dough (Physical Prototype)


Technology has become a big part of our daily life. Many things we use around the house has become digitalized. However, many older people cannot enjoy the benefits of technology since it can be hard for them to adapt to it's fast-changing pace in addition to the limitation that comes with aging.


The app will help users aged 60+ operate devices around the house, such as remote controls, cooking appliances, etc. The user can aim the AR camera at any device, and instructions will show up on how to safely open and close, use different buttons or options, and what-if scenarios walkthroughs if the device is not working. ,

The Process

In this project, we focused more on ideating and sketching, and designing a 3D experience and learning about interaction design in the virtual world.

Problem Statement
Sketching and Physical Prototyping
Digital Prototyping
  • Background Research
  • Competitive Analysis
  • 360 sketches and storyboard
  • 3D Modeling
  • low-fi digital prototype
  • Hi-fi digital prototype

Competitive Analysis

Sketching and Storyboarding


I used storyboarding to visualize how and when the AR camera will be used.In this case, The user bought an air fryer and couldn't follow up with the manual. They used the AR camera, which detected their fryer type and generated a menu, so the user could choose what they wanted to learn more about.
An Alternative design I thought about is using an animated character that speaks to the user instead of making the user read the text because it might be hard for older people to see clearly. The user also has the option to use voice commands to navigate the app to make it more accessible.

Physical Prototyping

Physical Prototyping Video

Low-fi Digital Prototype

For this stage in my Design, I experimented prototyping the augmented reality space using Adobe Aero and adding UI elements from Adobe Photoshop to Aero's asset library.

Hi-fi Prototyping

Next step in my design is the high- fidelity prototype

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